Are you ready to spread your creative wings?

Give yourself permission to experience something new. If you have ever wanted to create art that allows for total freedom and experimentation then this class is for you. You will be supplied all the tools and instruction as I gently guide you on your artistic journey. 


I truly believe THERE ARE NO RULES IN ART! I will give you guidelines and common practices but you are free to explore your own path. I look forward to having you join me.


You will be creating your work of art using a mixed media approach. You will be working on a cradle board (sturdier than canvas and popular with current artists) that has been primed and layers of texture added. You are encouraged to bring a favorite quote that may be added to your project.  Come prepared to have fun! 



  • Students should wear clothing to paint in

  • I will supply gloves for those who choose to use them.  These gloves are not latex free

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