Are you ready to spread your creative wings?

I'm excited to offer the following classes for beginners to advanced painters. Class sizes are limited to six students and will encourage exploration of mixed media supplies and techniques. My classes focus on layering, texture, movement, and openness to experimenting with mixing your art supplies to create incredible results.

Classes are structured for learning techniques and concepts that will give you the freedom to move forward in pursuing your own art. This is not a structured “wine and paint” style class, but a class that will give you foundational elements for creating your personal style. Classes include technique demonstrations as well as independent working time for you.


I invite you to join me in my studio on five acres of natural beauty in the foothills of Washougal, WA. 


For all classes please bring rubber gloves to protect your hands if desired. Wear old clothes and

bring a lunch and beverage (refrigerator and microwave are available in the studio). 


Mixed media substrate and layers (basic foundation for other classes)

4 hour class-All supplies included $75

  • Use of different substrates such as fabric, cradle boards, canvas, papers, aqua board, etc.

  • Gels and mediums to create interesting layers

  • Pumice, molding paste, glass beads and crackle paste to create interest

  • Bleeding tissue and rice paper for subtle watercolor effects

Mixed media tools and techniques

4 hour class-All supplies included $75

  • Creating high flow acrylics

  • Using watercolor to create foundational layers

  • Creating acrylic-like paint from your watercolors

  • Learn how to isolate your watercolors so they do not reactivate with water

  • Using neocolor ll, stabilo woody’s, colored pencils, charcoal, graphite, and paint pens for mark making

  • Mixing  soft pastels, inktense blocks and pencils, pan pastels, and other mediums with acrylics to achieve amazing results

  •  I will show you how to become a “mixologist” with your art supplies

 Scan and Print -You’ve created your original art-now what?

4 hour class-$60

Bring two pieces of your original artwork (8x10) or smaller, and a scandisk or thumb drive

This class is for any artist that would like to scan their original artwork for personal reference or to create products from the scanned image.

  • You will be scanning and saving your artwork on your scandisk

  • I will demonstrate how to scan larger pieces of artwork, such as 48x48

  • We will discuss ways to use your scan to leverage sales

  • I will share what has worked, and what hasn’t when creating products from my original art

  • We will talk about pricing your items and ROI and wholesaling.

  • The good and bad about selling your artwork via galleries, wholesale, consignment, art shows, home parties, licensing, etc.