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Choose Joy

Where are you finding happiness? Where are you finding your joy?

For me, it feels off balance to be happy when so many are suffering. Who am I to be happy in the midst of so much pain?

I realize though, when I am happy or joyous I reach outward to inspire or bring joy to others. When I feel wounded or unhappy I tend to shut down and pull inward, like a turtle hiding in it's shell. My injured response is to fix myself from the inside out. Soothe my ego or repair my scars personally. In contrast, when I am happy, I reach outward.

I just wanted to say today that it is alright to be happy and content in your life right now. It doesn't mean you lack compassion or empathy. It just means we need you. We need those who can light the path for others. We all have our dark days. The days when it's difficult to get out of bed, to look at yourself in the mirror without contempt, the days when we compare ourselves to others and fall short. Those days suck, but they happen. I see so many moments of joy on social media right now and it inspires me to do more in my own life. Why not choreograph a family dance routine for the world to watch, or create posters with words of appreciation for all those on the front lines, sew masks, create online classes, do sing-a-longs, or read a book out loud for children? Find joy today and pass it along to others. There are those who could use a little happiness today.



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