This is my motto for the day!

I need to simplify my expectations of what I want to get done. I want to allow the day to unfold in it's own time, not schedule every moment of it.

My to-do list for the day is always far greater than the hours it would take to complete it. I want to take more time sitting on the porch enjoying the sounds of nature than I do cleaning the cupboards. I seem to push myself to complete tasks that hold little reward for me, but convince myself they need doing. Is it really important that I clean the windows inside and out, or that I dust every nook and cranny of my house? I think not!

What will matter is the time I spend with loved ones. Whether that is on the phone, in virtual chats, from 6 feet apart, or even via correspondence. The connection with others is what I will take away from this crisis, not the tasks i got completed What are your take-away's from the current situation? Are you re-thinking on what, or where you spend your time? Are you re-evaluating what you value? I am just curious if this has caused a shift in your thinking as well.

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