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The KitchenAid

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to move beyond what we have always known or done. Case in point is this beautiful KitchenAid Mixer (which is on sale at Costco for $249, regular $329). Let me explain.

My daughters have been become experimental bread makers during this pandemic. They are fermenting starters and finding some very involved recipes for bread making. From English muffins and Babka to sourdough and whole wheat oat. Their love of baking has transported me back to a time and place when I too made bread. What once was a need to feed the family has turned into an expression of creativity for them.

What does this have to do with the KitchenAid? My daughter sent the English muffin recipe to my mother, who is 85 years young, and my mother made them. She mentioned that her mixer didn’t have the correct hook but she made do. When I asked her how long ago she bought her mixer, her answer was, ” I bought it in 1980”.

My parents had always made sure we had what we needed growing up. With a family of 6, needs were always fulfilled, but “wants” were accomplished by babysitting, strawberry picking and odd jobs. When I listened to my mother saying how she had always wanted a KitchenAid mixer, it reminded me of growing up. This was a want, not a need. However, my parents have the money now to get her a much “wanted” item. I advocated for her to buy herself a KitchenAid and I said, “ do me a favor, don’t buy the white one, get one that is colorful and will bring you joy”

She called me this morning with excitement in her voice. Yup, she bought herself the KitchenAid….and the red one to boot. I was so happy for her, and a little jealous too. When I bought mine in 1986, they only came in white. I’ve always wanted the turquoise KitchenAid, maybe I will need to invest in my want as well.

My mother may be 85 but the excitement in her voice today reminded me of a child opening a gift on Christmas day. We are never too old to be young again.

Wishing you much joy today!



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