Scan and Print-Tuesday July 12th 10am-2pm

Scan and Print-Tuesday July 12th 10am-2pm


4 hour class-$60

Bring two pieces of your original artwork (8x10) or smaller, and a scandisk or thumb drive

This class is for any artist that would like to scan their original artwork for personal reference or to create products from the scanned image.

  • You will be scanning and saving your artwork on your scandisk
  • I will demonstrate how to scan larger pieces of artwork, such as 48x48
  • We will discuss ways to use your scan to leverage sales
  • I will share what has worked, and what hasn’t when creating products from my original art
  • We will talk about pricing your items and ROI and wholesaling.
  • The good and bad about selling your artwork via galleries, wholesale, consignment, art shows, home parties, licensing, etc.