How did Women, Wine, and Words begin?
 I am inspired by the world around me, and my passion for creating art is the reason I started painting in 2013. Women, Wine, and Words was born when I put words to my artwork.  When I realized that my art was impacting people, whether by inspiring them or bringing them joy, I started adding my own quotes to my art. I create art that reflects hope, kindness, self-connection, joy, and love. When I see the impact my art and words has on another person, I am touched beyond measure.
A Bit About Tammy
Tamara Dinius, a self-proclaimed “Passionista”, is inspired by the world around her. She seeks to uplift and inspire others with her art, whether that is with her humorous wine sayings or inspirational and empowering artwork.  
She has been published on numerous websites, blogs, and in local newspapers. Tamara has been part of numerous design teams including two international mixed media design crews and has been a featured artist in venues throughout Washington State. 
Her art classes continue to inspire others to find their creative voice. Whether Tamara is teaching a class for three, or thirty-three, she works with each student individually to unleash their creative spirit. 
She lives in Washougal, Washington with her husband Ron, and enjoys the rural life. She likes wine, coffee, inspirational stories, anything sparkly, the smell of fresh-cut grass, jazz, going barefoot, hugs, warmth of a fire on a cold night, candles, fresh-baked bread, coffee mugs that fit firmly in your hand, snow angels, rain, wooly-worms, and good people doing good things.
Why do you love to create art?
I create art for the pure enjoyment of it and to give my emotions an outlet. My belief that it can lead to personal growth and healing is the reason that I also enjoy teaching art. There is something magical that happens when my paint-filled fingers float over the textured canvas and deposits bits of color into the tiny crevices.  I love the way watercolors, acrylic paints, and alcohol drops collide with one another and take on an entirely new dimension.  The connection that our hands have with our mind is fascinating. Depending on my mood, without even being conscious of it, I will grab colors that reflect the emotions of the day. I quite literally, paint away my bad mood.