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Finding My Way Through Grief and Art

I joined a life-changing group on August 31st this year. I'm no longer married; I'm now a widow. My husband battled Lewy Body Dementia for five long years, and he ultimately succumbed to the disease. We were together for over 39 years and have two wonderful daughters. He was my unwavering supporter and my co-pilot through life. I miss him deeply, but I'm also on a journey to move forward.

Art is my sanctuary, a source of joy, and a place where my emotions find a home. It's where I release what's inside me onto the canvas. Being my husband's caregiver took me away from creating, but now that I have the time to rediscover my passion, I am finding it difficult. Everything I once loved seems less vibrant, clouded by his passing and my quest to move on.

Moving forward with this blog, I'll share my experiences, my journey through grief, and how art is helping me find a new path forward. Join me as I navigate the complexities of loss and rediscovery through the power of creativity.

Ronald Dinius, my husband of 39 wonderful years, was a true force in our community. His passion for the Washougal School District was undeniable, serving as a dedicated board member for over 15 years. He poured his heart into the remodel of local schools, leaving a lasting impact on the education of countless students.

His influence extended beyond education. Ronald's fingerprints can be found on the construction and remodeling of police and fire stations throughout Clark County. His commitment to safety and community shone brightly in these projects.

But amidst his busy schedule, he always found time for family on our five-acre haven. Tending to the land was his therapy, and his love for us knew no bounds. His wit and infectious laughter made every moment unforgettable.

Ronald's kindness connected with people from all walks of life, treating each individual with the same warmth and respect. Whether it was a homeless person, someone in need of a compassionate ear, or a person from a distant land, he made everyone feel valued.

As we reflect on his life, let's honor Ronald by embracing his dedication to education, community, and compassion. He lives on in our hearts, a reminder to always spread kindness and laughter wherever we go.


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A wonderful tribute to Ron. He’s cured now. May he rest in peace while you discover your inner creative self! 🥰

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