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Happy Thanksgiving

The turkey is in the oven, the ham is prepped and ready for baking, and the kitchen is cleaned. I am sitting down with a cup of coffee and thinking of you. How are you doing? Have your holiday plans changed drastically due to COVID or the loss of a loved one? Is your Thanksgiving Dinner a smaller affair this year? Mine is.

We are gathering only with my daughters and their husbands this year. We are all mask wearing, social distancing, wary of transmitting the virus to someone else kind of people. I have reduced the trips I make to the store and for other errands. I am diligent about using hand sanitizer when I am out and about. I also know that we can take all the precautions and yet we are not guaranteed that the virus won't find us. But as a friend once said, how much living am I doing if I can't see my family? At what point do I cautiously live my life versus being in total lockdown? We all find our own answers to those questions.

I have family and friends who go practically nowhere, barely see anyone, and are totally isolated. Some have found connection through Zoom and social media, while others find solace in watching TV and movies. I have found balance by seeing friends and family members outdoors and with a mask. I am a people person. I like interacting with others. So this has worked for me. But I have empathy for those who haven't found a balance through this crisis. I hope you have! If not, I hope you have someone that you can talk with and whom you can rely on. We all need someone.

Later this afternoon we will gather as couples at three different tables, doors and windows open, blankets and coats on if need be. We may not be sitting around the large table for hours with all our family and friends, but we will be thankful for the small moments that we have together.

Wishing you small moments of joy and connection this Thanksgiving!



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