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I woke up feeling great and full of energy. I sat on the porch and visited (6 feet apart) with my daughter for a bit. It was great to just talk about life. Not COVID19 or the economy, just everyday kind of stuff. I cleaned out the fridge and got the garbage and recycling ready to take out for tomorrows pick-up.

I thought I'd take a quick break and check in with all of you. Today is all about acceptance for me. When I created this piece it was about accepting others for who they are. Gay or straight, religious or agnostic, young or old, black or white, trans or bi, or....It has never mattered to me how you identified yourself. What has always mattered to me is how you treat others and if your values can somewhat align with mine such as compassion, honesty, humor, social justice to name a few.

But when I saw this painting today I thought of acceptance in relation to where we are right now in our lives. I need to accept that things will be different for a while. That I need to stay home to keep others safe. That our holidays are going to be different this year. But to also accept that we will find a way forward. That out tomorrow's will be different from out yesterday's. But different does not mean good or bad, it just means something unlike what we knew before. I'm okay with that. I have 5 acres that needs mowing and a Zoom chat with four fabulous friends later today. Life goes on. We cut our grass, make our dinners, clean the house and stay connected with our family and friends. And of course, drink our wine! Wishing you a joy filled day.



piece of paper with purple magenta paint abstract tamara dinius
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