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All cats go to heaven. Dogs do too!

I created this piece of artwork last year. I had no idea I was going to create a cat when I started this 20x24 painting. I was just throwing paint at the canvas and I started to see shapes in the paint. I saw the eyes first, the rest just flowed.

One would think since I painted a cat, I have cats. Not so. I am, and always have been a dog lover. I'm not sure why I am drawn to dogs more than cats, but maybe it's their dependence on me that softens my heart to them. Our chocolate lab, Tonka, has human tendencies. His eyes have so much emotion in them, at times I feel like I am talking to a human being. Sometimes I see his eyes and I truly believe reincarnation could be a real thing.

My daughter and her husband have cats. Two to be precise. One black as night, one white as snow. They are named Agnes and Cooper. Cooper is the social one among them, Agnes not so much. When I visit, Cooper circles my legs and hops on my lap. He loves me! Agnes hides under the bed or in her cat tree the entire time I am there. I have been able to sneak up on her and give her a few belly rubs before she scurries down from her perch and under the bed once again. I don't take it personally, she is just a very independent little creature.

Whether you are a cat person, or dog lover, I think we would all agree they add a lot to our lives. This is why when we lose them, we lose a piece of our heart too. My oldest daughter and her husband have two dogs. Bella is a mix of pit bull and a few other breeds, and Nova has a lot of lab and something else in her. They are as different as night and day. I had the joy of driving cross country with these two lovable creatures for company.

Bella would nestle my neck and give me kisses, she was a wonderful travel companion. Nova not so much. She is a love, but she is a handful. As my daughter affectionately says, "she's got some issues". She is skittish around people and is very hyper. Bella was the stabilizing force in the household. She would calm Nova down when she would hot lap the house or bark nonstop at the wind outside the window.

Our family lost Bella last week to cancer. It is truly heart breaking. She was the most joyful, gentle, kind, and lovable dog. She was a credit to her breed. She is laid to rest on our property and is lovingly watching over us.

All dogs do go to heaven!



piece of paper with purple magenta paint abstract tamara dinius
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