Bird dance

It's a beautiful morning and the birds are dancing in the sky above me. We have nests of swallows in our ivy and they are abuzz this morning. They are swooping down to visit me as I sit on the deck watching their show. The Goldfinches and hummingbirds are part of the dance as well. I wonder if they are aware of the life changes we are experiencing?

For the past four years we have been on the road doing shows in Arizona, California, and Nevada. The birds had the place to themselves. But now we are their constant companions. They must sense the change in our routine. They fly within feet of me serenading me with their joyful song, curious as to what I am doing.

I miss the life of travel we had, but have found a joy in our current situation as well. I am not implying in any way that this has been a joyful experience, but instead that I have looked to find joy despite our situation. We have not spent this much time at home in spring for quite a while. I have been able to work in my greenhouse and start a garden. I have planted flower baskets and cleaned our porch. There are many things I miss, such as family gatherings, happy hour with friends, human connection.But there are many things that I have found as well. I hope you are finding beauty in your day!

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