Finding your way back home

I so appreciate each and every one of you! Your thoughts and support yesterday wrapped me in a blanket of love. I stayed in my PJ's until noon and just gave myself time to feel. To feel the weight of what we are all experiencing. To feel the anguish of those without jobs or enough food in their cupboards. To feel the frustration of the thousands of doctors and nurses caring for patients while having to advocate for their own health and safety. To feel the fear of losing a loved one to this insidious virus. I mowed some yard, shipped some orders, painted, and watched TV. I found my peace and I found my way back home. How do you find your way back home? The home in your soul, your balance, your place of peace? Don't be shy, let me know. When we share, we light the path for another. I created today's artwork in 2019. When I painted the bunny I fell in love with his eyes. Once I added the words to the art it became one of my best selling cards.

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