Gently unfolding

I am finding my balance amidst all this instability. I am spending time working on long forgotten projects, creating new projects, and taking time to breathe!

I don't schedule my day out, I let it gently unfold. I may wake up thinking I will head to the studio and on my way there (only about 100 feet from home to studio, but I get easily distracted), I see a weed that needs pulling. This leads me to thinking how nice it would be to plant some flowers. Since I don't have any flower seeds I decide to hop on the internet and order some. While on the internet I notice they are out of flower seeds but they do have outdoor lighting.

This reminds me that I have 6 sets of rope lights I bought on an after Christmas sale last year. I decide to pull them out of my studio storage and hang them around the patio. But, while trying to find the rope lights I see an unfinished canvas and am inspired to add another layer to it. Yup, this is my life. My daughters both think I may have ADD. I agree that I probably do. But I ask my artist friends out there, what artist do you know that it isn't a little ADD? I think I am seeing growth in my attention span. I have less on my mind as I have less on my calendar. Having less on my calendar gives me time to slow down and focus. It's a slow process for me but I feel that my growth has been steady. Wishing you a joyous day!

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