Good days and bad days.

It's been a busy week but I wanted to share a few pictures from my Mothers Day weekend.

The Runaway Kitchen traveled from Stayton, Oregon to surprise me with a delicious hamburger, chips, shake, and a special cake. They wanted to put some miles on the trailer and make sure she was ready to open for business and to practice their new menu. I was able to work in the trailer as "order taker" and chief milkshake sampler. The food was amazing and the trailer is top-notch.

I also received a special packet of sugar cubes from Cassy Dinius and Colin Dickson. Just grab your favorite alcohol, drop in the sugar cube, and you have an instant drink. Let me tell you, it's a VERY STRONG drink. We watered ours down with ginger ale and plenty of ice cubes. I was gifted a choice of Mojito, Cosmo, or a mint Julep. Yes, I have tried them all at this point. My favorite is the Mojito.

Mother's Day was wonderful...but other days have been a bit tougher. I have highs and lows. Good days, bad days, and so-so days. I cherish the good ones and make it through the bad.

Wishing you more good days than bad! May love surround you on the bad and may you rejoice in the good.

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