Nature in all its glory

I have found myself looking inward more than outward the past few weeks. The slowing down of life has felt comfortable for me, not isolating.

My garden is flourishing and the yard is full of blooms, birds, and bees. We have had a number of unusual visitors to our little plot of land this month, The other day a bear ran across the front of our acreage as we watched from about 30 yards away. It was surreal. I did not realize how fast a large bear can run. We also had three turkey vultures lunching on an unfortunate rabbit, and an Eagle flying overhead. We had an errant bat that attached itself to an outdoor vent instead of living in the rafters of the carport with the other 500 plus bats. Yup, we have bats, a lot of them. They arrive early May and leave late October. They aren't as creepy as one might think.

The birds have been taking over the birdhouses, the ivy, and the underside of the deck. We have nests everywhere and are enjoying every minute of it. I learned that Fledging is the stage in a flying animal's life between hatching or birth and becoming capable of flight. I was also introduced to a few apps that identify birds and plants by just taking a picture of them. It's been pretty cool. I think we find what we look for, so I

look for hope, joy, and happiness. Wear your mask, wash your hands, be kind to one another, and be thoughtful of what others are going through. Wishing you a joy filled day.

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