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Scatter Magic

This post is for all those out there spreading a little magic. So many of you are doing incredible things for others. My friend and jewelry artist Toni McCarthy is making caps for health care workers to cover their hair during this crisis. She got a personal request from her daughter-in-law (Melissa) who is a Nurse. Melissa had a need for these caps and went out and bought a sewing machine and fabric to make these during her time off. What an amazing individual? If you are able to make any, I'm sure Toni can give us information where to send them. My daughter saw this in her news feed today and shared it with me. Camas, WA has a new program in place to assist small business in their town. They are offering utility discounts to customers for buying from local business. More information by following this link. I saw an article about Tyler Perry paying the grocery bills for people shopping during the vulnerable customers shopping hours. He paid the bills at 73 stores in his hometown of Atlanta and in New Orleans. Can you imagine the appreciation of those shoppers? I loved this story. Each of us can make a difference in the lives of others. It may be as easy as picking up groceries for our neighbors, paying an extra $20 at the drive thru while grabbing coffee to pay for as many as possible behind you, or planting flowers in your yard for others to pick and enjoy. We are all in this together and together we will make it through. I would love to see that when we get through this we are more connected and supportive of one another. I hope that we have a new appreciation for those doing service jobs that support us each and every day. Please share examples of humanity that uplift you.



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