Today is your day to shine!

For me, I just need to get out of my pajamas and brush my teeth. It's been a very lazy start to my day.

Today I have a grocery store pick-up, I need to grab a print order that's ready, a pharmacy drive-thru, and I may even try shopping at Costco. I've not been into a store since March 19th and today may be the day.

I have my mask, hand sanitzer, and lysol wipes. I have my shopping list and my Costco card. I need to stock up on items that we are out of, or nearly so. I have never been a "shopper", ie, someone who enjoys trudging aisles to find just the right gadget or gizmo. I'm one that has a list, zips throught the store and out the door I go. However, I am excited for my shopping trip today. I may wander each and every aisle, or as my son-in-law says, "Every aisle, every time". I will take all the precautions necessary, and be extra careful in touching my face without first sanitizing my hands. Today I will be fearless, but wary. If the line is too long, or the weather is too wet, I will try again tomorrow. But right now I need to shower, put on real clothes (not just t shirt and sweatpants), brush my hair and head out on my grand adventure. Who would have thought a few months ago that a run to Costco would be an adventure?

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