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The World Awaits

Hello beautiful souls! I hope you are enjoying the day and for those in the Pacific Northwest, the sunshine.

On Saturday my daughter graduated college with her PHD. There was a small crowd in attendance and she was the only one to cross the stage...or should I say porch.

Cassy Dinius graduated high school in 2004 and went onto Linfield College and received her BA. In her senior year at Linfield she found her passion for Psychology. She was accepted into Western Oregon University where she received her BS. What is a first generation college student from Washougal, WA to do after completing her second under grad degree? Apply to numerous universities for her graduate studies of course.

While attending Southern Illinois University Carbondale, she completed her Masters and then went on to finish her PHD this March. She had her regalia purchased, travels plans finalized, and then COVID19 changed everything. Her adoring (and extremely proud) husband couldn't let the 18 years of study, resulting in her PHD, end without some sort of celebration. He secretly gathered family together (with at least 8 feet of separation), wrote an amazing 2 page speech, cued the pomp and circumstance march over the loud speakers and led her out to the waiting crowd. It was fun, touching, emotional, and above all, Love at it's finest. For all the other graduates and their families, I highly recommend creating your own ceremony. We didn't have to sit through a list of 4000 other names, we had front row seating, no long traffic lines getting into the stadium, and the happiest graduate around on April 11, 2020.



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