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Time lays claim

I had a wonderful Zoom chat with friends yesterday. We typically talk art and life but turned our attention to the current crisis. We had an open, honest, and very passionate discussion about the stay a

t home orders and about opening the economy back up.

Have you found that the science about this virus is changing daily? I try very hard to be factual when I give input into a conversation. But it is hard to define fact from fiction at times. I do look at the source content and whether or not the information has been cited from a newsworthy site, but sometimes you have to really dig for the truth.

I decided a few weeks ago that I am just going to keep-on, keeping on. I try to stay updated on the news without letting it take over my life. The worry that I hear from so many others overshadows their life. I think we wear our masks, wash our hands, stay out of "hot zones" and be respectful of the 6 feet separation. My newest piece of artwork is a reminder that time is the one thing that we don't get back. It steals our very existence from us. Spend your time being productive, or unproductive, Spend it with family and friends or silently by yourself. Fritter it away swinging in the hammock with a cold beer or binge watching your favorite show. Don't spend it worrying about tomorrow, or next week, or next year. Make every moment count!



piece of paper with purple magenta paint abstract tamara dinius
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