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You've always had the power

This artwork contains a quote that I paraphrased from the Wizard of Oz. The original quote says, "You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself".

What have you learned about your life, your self, your ability to adapt during the past few months? I think we each have the power within us to lead our best life. For me, I got lazy over the past few years and stopped living full heartedly. I stopped truly seeing what was in front of me. I just glanced at what came into view, I didn't take the time to truthfully look at the beauty of what was unfolding in front of me.

I was living my life on autopilot more than I care to admit. I continued down the same path without questioning if it was the path I still wanted to be on. I didn't take detours, I followed the same cookie cutter existence that had been working for me. The past few months has made me slow down and really see my life in all it's imperfect, glorious beauty. I had taken so much for granted. The soft embrace of a loved one. The freedom to gather in groups. The ability to show my art at venues throughout the Pacific Northwest and connect with my customers. I value all these things and I do miss them. But what I failed to see before was the genuine loving kindness of the people in my life. From family and friends to complete strangers. Stan Jensen offered to help mow my grass...all 5 acres of it. Toni McCarthy and others have sewn masks and caps for local hospitals. Cassy Dinius, my daughter, has kept us in groceries and Dutch Bros. coffee, Jessy Rolfness, my youngest daughter, is making and delivering loaves of sour dough bread, my husband Ronald Dinius keeps the home fires burning and the coffee on. I can choose to reflect on what I have lost the past few months, or I can embrace the changes and move forward. I've always had the power, I had it all along.



piece of paper with purple magenta paint abstract tamara dinius
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